‘Diablo III’ expansion attracting new and old players

I had completely given up on Diablo III.

The loot system was broken, as very few items you might find were worthwhile; the best stuff could be purchased from the in-game auction house, and that took either loads of gold or real cash.

On top of that, the game was just kind of boring. The classes were neat, sure, and the story was good, but once you made it through the first time, there was little to draw people back in.

There are, of coDiablo III - Reaper of Souls Cover Arturse, some exceptions to this, as people like my little brother played for long after I had given up the ghost.

At one point, Blizzard, the creators of the Diablo series, put in some things to entice players, namely a system of leveling a character past the initial level cap and boosting their stats.

It was an interesting idea, but still not good enough.

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