‘Loot Crate’ worth the cost of entry

Features Editor Amy Nichol Smith signed up a while back for a service that sends her cool food items each month.

I was a bit jealous, at the time, because it was such a neat idea, but I had no interest in the items she was sent.

After a while, I had forgotten about such services, until I stumbled upon one called Loot Crate, which seemed like it was designed for people like me.

In my first month, I received a T-shirt that was previously on woot.com, a bow tie featuring a character from the animated Bravest Warriors, a bag touting branding for an item seen in Bravest Warriors, a coupon for a free card from OpenMe.com, a Dunny vinyl figure and some other cool stuff. Each month has a theme, and for February it was “Warriors.”

This month’s I found to be a little less awesome, but still completely worth the cost of entry. For the “Titan” theme, Loot Crate mashed together the new game Titanfall and Attack on Titan, packing stuff into the box from both properties.

I ended up with a T-shirt, a lanyard, some manga and a few other cool things. To see my entire haul, check out my unboxing video at themonitor.com/multimedia (or here).

Check out the full article here.

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