Treachery in Beatdown City shows promise

A lot can be said about the retro craze.

Sure, it’s fun to play the old games and remember what they were like as kids, but to see new things coming out that mimic the old titles can be a bit frustrating at times.

It seems oftentimes with these games they miss the point of what gaming was back then: good core gameplay.

Treachery in Beatdown City, which is currently in its second Kickstarter campaign, looks to be on the right track by bringing something new to the table.

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There are so many reasons to visit the theater lately

I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier last week and had my mind blown.

So much action, so much drama, so much awesome!

Like all movies, I’m sure it had some issues, but for those two-plus hours I was completely entranced.

It looks like there are quite a few upcoming films that could bring about that same feeling.

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Kickstarter launched to save California arcade

Super Arcade has always been a name in the arcade scene, and as one of the last original ones, it’s sad to see it in the condition it appears to be in.

Not happy with that, the arcade’s owner has taken to Kickstarter to try to breathe some new life into the aging establishment.

Some of the expected changes sound like they could really bring about a new twist on the old arcade experience.

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‘Diablo III’ expansion attracting new and old players

I had completely given up on Diablo III.

The loot system was broken, as very few items you might find were worthwhile; the best stuff could be purchased from the in-game auction house, and that took either loads of gold or real cash.

On top of that, the game was just kind of boring. The classes were neat, sure, and the story was good, but once you made it through the first time, there was little to draw people back in.

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‘Loot Crate’ worth the cost of entry

Features Editor Amy Nichol Smith signed up a while back for a service that sends her cool food items each month.

I was a bit jealous, at the time, because it was such a neat idea, but I had no interest in the items she was sent.

After a while, I had forgotten about such services, until I stumbled upon one called Loot Crate, which seemed like it was designed for people like me.

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Street Fighter HeroClix booster-opening fun!

In my quest to gather each and every Street Fighter HeroClix piece, I purchased 12 single-piece booster packs on eBay.

Since they’re no longer printed, I don’t have many other options, save for buying each piece individually.

As of starting the video, I had six left I needed, thanks to a starter pack and a very excellent eBay auction.

How many did I end up with, though? Watch on!

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Facebook to purchase Oculus, creator of the Rift VR headset

Oculus announced today Facebook’s plan to purchase the start-up, which was created a couple years ago as the result of a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

A post on the company’s website details the reasons they think the decision is a good direction, but many commenters seem to disagree.

… when you consider it more carefully, we’re culturally aligned with a focus on innovating and hiring the best and brightest; we believe communication drives new platforms; we want to contribute to a more open, connected world; and we both see virtual reality as the next step. – Oculus release